Lord Jesus Christ,
this revelation of your pains,
fills me full of pains;
and then it came to me
that I had little known
what pain it was that I had asked,
and like a wretch I regretted it,
thinking that if I had known what it had been,
I should have been reluctant to ask for it.
For it seemed to me that my pains
exceeded any mortal death.
I though, ‘Is there any pain in hell
like this pain?’
And, Lord Jesus, you answered:
‘Hell is a different pain, for in it there is despair.
But of all the pains that lead to salvation,
this is the greatest, to see your beloved suffer.’
How could any pain be greater
than to see you suffer,
my life, my bliss and all my joy?
Here I felt unshakably
that I love you, Lord Jesus Christ
so much more than myself
that there is no pain which can be suffered
like the sorrow which I feel to see you in pain.