Akeen, Sheree, Candace, and various children, posing after a visit to Circus Flora

Akeen, Sheree, Candace, and various children, posing by the big top at Circus Flora

Our summer has gotten off to a busy start, and the Lotus House has been fuller than usual over past few weeks. At the end of May, Akeen and Sheree moved in with us. They are serving as summer interns for North City Church’s summer program, which Candace directs. The program has grown considerably in the past few years, so this year we recruited some extra help. Akeen and Sheree are both students at Harding University.

We’ve also enjoyed having some other visitors. Last week we received a couple from the Bruderhof who were passing through after a visit with the Bloomington Christian Radical community in Indiana. Johnny and Adelle are from the Fox Hill community in New York. After staying a couple of nights they were off to visit Stillwater, a community in northern Missouri associated with the Possibility Alliance. This week we also received Daniel, a member of the Genesis Communities  in Minneapolis. He’s vacationing in St. Louis for the week, and we’re delighted to spend some time with him while he’s here. Finally, it’s been great to catch up with our former housemate Aaron Sanborn-Overby, who’s back in town for research. Aaron and his wife Ursula moved to Oneonta, New York last summer, and we’ve missed seeing them.