Lotus 2

Lotus House #2, circa 2011

On June 3 we closed on our second house. For the past two years, we had been talking about expanding the community, in part because we were receiving a steady stream of requests to join us. Our original house has been filled to capacity (beyond capacity, some might argue) for quite a while now, and some of our members (Desiree, Destiny, and Dylan) keep growing and taking up more space.

The new house sits directly across the street from us. It ‘s so close that if the windows are open, you can hear the prayer bell ringing from the first house. The new house has about 6 bedrooms, depending how you slice it, and a nice large common area on the first floor. The structure is in pretty good shape, though we’ll probably spend the rest of the summer renovating and cleaning. We hope by the fall to have the house occupied with a mix of new and old members.

If you stop by on a Friday evening for community dinner, we’ll be happy to give you a tour.