An invitation from our friends at St. Louis Mennonite Fellowship:Capture

The cry for justice that first came out of Ferguson has now taken hold across the country as communities have taken to the streets in the thousands to call for police reform. The recently published Ferguson Police Report by the US Justice Department reveals gross levels of police misconduct and a judicial system predicated on the exploitation of the poor. More than the acts of individual officers of the law, this report exposes the reality of institutional racism that lies at the root of American society.  In the midst of this moral vacuum the Christian church is called to awaken from its spiritual slumber. Trapped in theologies that too often justify indifference and inaction in the face of oppression, the church has become a silent witness to systemic racism. This workshop, rooted in the Biblical call for justice and love for one’s neighbor, will provide church leaders with the critical analysis and spiritual initiative necessary to be engaged in the work of racial justice at this historic moment.

Ewuare Osayande is a social justice activist, published author and educator. He currently serves as the Anti-Oppression Coordinator with Mennonite Central Committee, U.S. Osayande brings 25 years of experience to the work of racial justice.  In that time, he has spoken at and provided workshops for colleges, universities, congregations and community groups across the country addressing the social realities of race, gender and class. Previously, he has served as a consultant for the “Healing the Wounds of Racism” program of the United Methodist Church. He has also taught African American Studies at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ. His most recent book is entitled Commemorating King: Speeches Honoring the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. Find him at


St. Louis Mennonite Fellowship – lower level
3752 Giles
St Louis, MO 63116

Lunch provided.  Please register at

We’re requesting a $25 donation. However, we do not want anyone to be turned away for lack of funds.