beingwhiteIn the aftermath of the South Carolina shooting of Walter Scott, I came across this book, which seems helpful for white folks in our present racial crisis. The book is entitled Being White: Finding Our Place in a Multiethnic World (IVP, 2004) by Paula Harris and Doug Schaupp. Schaupp and Harris, who both have had extensive experience in cross-cultural situations through their work with InterVarsity, advocate four practical steps for racial reconciliation: encounter, friendship, displacement and white identity. First, we initiate encounters with people of different races. Second, we enter into friendships built on commonalities. Third, we leave our comfort zone and build long-term relationships, perhaps moving into a particular neighborhood or joining a gym across town.  Fourth, as we become immersed in multiethnic community, we understand our racial identity, the challenges other ethnicities face, and begin working for justice.