Recently I just rejoined the world of facebook, and have to admit that it is a bit jarring. I have nearly 450 “friends” but some of them I have literally not talked to for more than a few minutes of my entire life. I want to use facebook to keep updated with what my real friends are doing, but sorting through so much stuff about what a stranger “friend” ate last night makes it difficult. This is why I have decided to make the hard choice to defriend lots of people who I do not really consider a true friend. If anyone reads this then good news: I did not delete you and consider you a friend in the truest sense of the word. That is true even if it has been years since I’ve seen or at least verbally spoken to you.

A major reason for this is an attempt to fight back against the easy nature of adding “friends.” If I declare that I am friends with someone I want that word to have a real depth of meaning. When I find myself “friending” someone I don’t know I fear that I helping to cheapen the word friend. I recently came across a video that claims humans can, on average, not maintain more than 150 relationships. But if we cheapen what friends are then having 1000 or more “friends” becomes manageable.

Side thought:  In my last post I wrote about dancing and community.  However, I just can’t dance with too many people.  Before I can dance with you I have to trust you.  I hope to better apply this to facebook:  I want to trust you before I “dance” with you on facebook.

God, grant us the ability to have real conversations with those who are physically present in our lives. Amen