Two weeks ago, the Lotus House said goodbye to longtime housemate William Terry.  Over the years, we we have learned a lot about saying goodbye to community members in a healthy way.  It is easy to view the loss of a house member in a purely negative light.  Yet we know that we cannot hold people hostage, but we must learn to let people go and cherish the the time that they have given to us.  A healthy community is one in which boundaries and membership are in flux.  And we hold faith in a larger body that allows people to come and go, knowing that the circle of love stretches beyond our physical presence.

We are grateful that William was a part of our community for 5+ years.  Much could be said about him.  We are sad to see him go, but we rejoice in the adventures and new things he is moving on to.  And we cherish the memories and friendship that will carry on in his absence.  And so we don’t leave on a sad note, please enjoy these two renditions from Daniel, the house minstrel.