We’ve been a little absent on the blog for the month of September. So I’ll use this blog post to catch all of you lovely readers up.

With a house full of students, September brings the annual adjustments to getting back in the swing of things. Our youngest students, Desiree (5th), Destiny (4th), & Dylan (1st) returned for their second year at Northside Community School, a neighborhood charter school. Stephen began his first year in the Theology doctoral program at SLU. Alden is diligently working on his dissertation, which hopefully will be in its final draft by the end of the month (fingers crossed!), and teaches courses in Latin and Theology.


ImageSeptember also brings the new start of our tutoring program. North City Church of Christ hosts a weekly night of tutoring for neighborhood kids, which I have the pleasure of directing. All of our house members participate- Alden & Stephen teach the teen Bible class, Daniel & Will teach the teens money management, and Thirza teaches Bible class for the younger kids. And of course, our kids participate by being star students (most) every week. The program has grown to include all grades, and additional children. We had 35 kids for our second session, and I expect it’ll grow a bit bigger. We have been blessed with our 4th year volunteers from LeClaire Christian Church, and new volunteers from Ferguson Heights Church of Christ and Maryland Heights Church of Christ.

ImageLast Friday night, we had a wonderful time of celebration and fellowship. Kyle Schenkewitz, a community dinner regular of nearly 5 years, successfully defended his dissertation last week. And, former housemates and dear friends, Jordan and Alexis Wood, were in town for a conference. We had a great dinner together and fantastic late night conversations.


ImageAt the end of September, we will welcome our newest community member, Scott Nelson. Scott became a consistent diner at our community meals several months ago. We have enjoyed getting to know him, and were happy when he expressed an interest in joining us. After a period of discussion and discernment, all parties agreed that it would be a good fit. You can look forward to hearing a new and thoughtful voice on our blog!