Chicken or the Egg?

Recently my sister, Carrie (caterer, bee keeper, bank Vice President, UCC Council member extraordinaire) and I started a thing we call the Washco PuBa Egg Co-op (Washington County & Pulaski Bank Egg Cooperative).

Washington County Chickens

It all started when a church-goer announced that her chickens were providing a surplus of eggs and she would love to trade the eggs for some other goods needed in the home.  So, she started trading them at church, but still there were extras.  My sister works at a bank where people love farm fresh goods; so, we started to connect Washington County farmers, like the Presbyterian church-goer with St. Louis city friends that appreciated these eggy delights. I already deliver bison meat from Potosi to St. Louis every Thursday…so why not deliver eggs, too?!


Opal: egg farmer and friend

The demand began to grow, so we invited more farmers to share their crop.  More bankers and more Lotus House friends were drawn to the eggs.  So, we now have 5 egg farmers–one of which is Opal.  Her chickens can put out up to 20 dozen per week.  Her eggs are all brown and fairly uniform because she started all her chickens from the same variety at the same time.

As many of you know, the Lotus House also has our own little herd of chickens in our backyard that have attracted neighbors, dogs, & possums.  Sometimes people just comment as they walk down Kingshighway and witness the out of place lawn ornaments, but others boldly inquire.  Helen did and she is now a weekly supporter of our egg co-op.

I asked the kids for a few thoughts on living with chickens in your backyard:

Under the porch, sometimes stinky, urban chicken coop

Under the porch, sometimes stinky, urban chicken coop

Desiree Bass(age 10):  “Our chickens can be a little smelly. We gather eggs from the chickens everyday. The eggs are many different colors. We have different varieties of colors of chickens.We have chickens for many different reasons. One reason we have chickens is we have eggs ready rather going to the store.”

Dylan Bass(age 6): “What I like about chickens is that they are fun to play with, especially the Silky.”

So it turns out chickens are fun; eggs are yummy and good for you, too. They are a reasonably priced source of protein and nutrition.  I found this link today that I particularly enjoyed with egg nutrition facts.

PS.  Definitely the egg!! (answer to ‘chicken or the egg?’ especially if you throw a bison in the picture)  My father instilled in me a special appreciation for eggs from a young age.  Rarely was an egg to be eaten without Dad’s culinary elaboration. He, Skip, boasts 82 eggsellent dishes, of which my favorites are Skoopy Eggs.  Skoopies are a hodge podge of whatever can be found in the refrigerator, including at least 3 varieties of cheese, olives, scallions, hot sauce, some form of bison meat, dill,…

My current preference is a simple egg-over-easy with a slice of cheese…mmm.  I have found that eggs, regardless of style, are especially delicious when someone else does the cooking– Thanks, Dad and Daniel!