Friday night the Lotus House hosted a gathering for local communities in St. Louis. We has a great turnout, a mix of old friends and new. Representatives from Philokalia Place, the New Beguines, and Deaconess Anne House were present. (Incidentally, members of the Deaconess Anne House will be living in the house formerly occupied by the Sullivan House, an intentional community which has since relocated to Nashville.)  Joshua Smith, a long-time friend of the community, drove all the way from Kansas City to be with us.

After a delicious dinner of bison roast, potato salad, and jello, we convened in the living room for the “lack of talent” show. We heard a variety of poems, songs, and jokes. One highlight was a rousing performance of Chuck Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven” on an electric guitar, complete with duck walk. We closed the evening with a rambunctious rendition of “Soon and Very Soon.”

Thanks to all who attended, and we look forward to the next event!

Amy Hereford wrote this lovely piece about the evening on her blog, “Mystic & Prophets.” Here’s an excerpt from her reflection: “Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox, Anglican, Presbyterian, some of us straddling several traditions…. We were all there. We were all welcome. We shared food for body and soul, and spoke of new communities forming, of people looking for community and people who had already established themselves in communities. ‘This is how I want to live.’ ‘This is how I feel called to live.’ ‘I see myself in community for the rest of my life.’ As we exchanged stories and dreams, we also shared contact information and plans for getting together for more conversation and mutual support. I sensed I’m part of a movement larger than myself.” Thanks Amy.