All of our posts are written by the adult crowd of the Lotus House. However, since May 2012, we have had 3 younger, but very important, members of our house. So, what’s life like here for them? Here are their response to the questions: What is life like in the Lotus House? What is your favorite thing? What is your least favorite thing? [The children typed their responses themselves.]


Desiree, age 10

At the Lotus House we all share our things with each other. We share our money and lots of other things with each other.

My favorite thing is playing with everybody.

My least favorite things is I don’t like that we are always so busy and we don’t get to do lots of things together.


Destiny, age 9

At the Lotus House every morning we pray together at 7:00, that is how I know it is a new day! The Lotus is always filled with joy!

My favorite thing about the Lotus Houses is that there is someone to play with. And there is those chickens to play with.  There is my mom, dad, sister, brother, and my aunts and uncles and T-Rex.

My least favorite thing about the lotus is there is not a tree I can climb.


Dylan, age 6

At the Lotus House, we like desserts and my sisters.  And I like will. I like uncles and my mom my daddy and Thirza .

My favorite thing is using my time to play with my mommy.

I don’t like going to time out.