This past week we were visited by a brother from Springfield, Missouri who is interested in starting an intentional community there. Like us and so many others, he was originally inspired by Shane Claiborne and the Simple Way. Informed only by the radical vision of community presented in Irresistible Revolution, however, our friend was surprised at the ordinariness of our common life. Our house is very comfortable, we have normal furniture, even our artwork isn’t that unusual. Our living room looks pretty much like a normal American living room. And our community feels like a big family.

Which is exactly what we hope people experience when they come to visit us. Far from being a special “vocation” for super-Christians, we think of community as a way of life open to all disciples of Jesus. All followers of Jesus are called to live simply, practice forgiveness and reconciliation, and share their goods; it turns out that it’s much easier to practice these things with other people than alone. And when you have a group of people doing these things, the word we usually use to describe them is family. That’s how we talk about ourselves most of time at Lotus House anyway – we are a new family, not related biologically, but bound together as brothers and sisters by Jesus’ vision for a new humanity united under one heavenly Father.

We rejoice that more and more people contact us to learn more about starting communities,and we look forward to the new creation signaled by the rise of these new “families” joined in Christ.

Celebrating Destiny's 9th Birthday

Celebrating Destiny’s 9th Birthday