My Thursdays are normally spent shuffling through another day at the office and working with the children at the afterschool program that the house oversees. A day with few surprises (other than those that only the boys of North City can deal you) with thoughts starting to turn towards the weekend; however, today was magically different! Today was a snow day for the Lotus House.

It was a rare day when no one had any prior commitments or obligations to fulfill. Everyone’s schedule was cleared thanks to about 6 inches of snow, sleet, and ice. A welcomed break from the routines that we all follow. So many times I feel like my wheels are constantly turning from the obligations to the community, church, family, friends, work, school, etc. A break to the hustle and bustle was a true blessing.


Like so often with community, nothing monumental was accomplished today. We shared lunch & dinner, played some cards, and enjoyed many laughs with the children. The simple pause to our normal routines allowed for unexpected bonding around the dinner and card table. It was an unexpected, but welcomed, opportunity. It was a great day that will not soon be forgotten.

We hope that others were also able to enjoy the small pleasures of a little winter weather can bring.